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Internships and Training
Professional Internships

The internship at nosiakademia is a great opportunity for young people to have a unique experience in a real work context, to work on real projects with mentoring by highly experienced technicians, available to guide, support and contribute to the development of their personal and professional skills.


JumpStart - I&D

Develop or accelerate your company's research and development projects in NOSiAkademia's Jumpstart program.

It offers, free of charge, technological conditions and 100% dedicated trainees.

WEBLAB Training

Weblab is designed for students from elementary to high school, teachers and the community in general, promoting digital inclusion and technological skills development, making it easier to access equipment and connectivity, knowledge and free use of technologies.

Áreas de formação:
  • Robótica

  • “White Hat” Hacking

  • Virtualização de Computadores

  • Utilização de Equipamentos e Ferramentas Informáticas

  • Redes de Comunicações (Routing e Switching)

  • Produção de Conteúdos Gráficos, Áudio e Vídeo para Web e Mobile

  • Montagem, Desmontagem e Reparação de Equipamentos Informáticos

  • Montagem, Desmontagem e Reparação de Telemóveis

  • Programação de Aplicações Móveis e Web

  • Instrumentação

  • HTML e CSS

  • Reparação de equip. móveis e computadores

  • Multimédia

  • Blender