Solution Development
e-Gov applications with the best techs.

We provide you with the best technical resources available on the market, so that you can see your idea become a reality.

Corporate Portals

NOSi has an extensive experience in developing corporate portals that mirror all the customer's services and products in one place, thus facilitating the intervention between the customer and the end user.

Business Inteligence

With our Business Intelligence (BI) solution development services, you can produce accurate and clear statistical information that supports decision-making.

The client can still host the BI solution online, with the possibility of sharing dashboards and statistical reports.

Custom Applications

With more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for Digital Governance and counting more than 100 solutions in several areas, we develop, adapt and customize applications according to the client's needs.


Our developers are highly experienced in Mobile Application development, who ensure excellent solutions, in all its stages, since the conception, through layout and interface design, to the choice of language, testing and publishing of the application in the stores.

Geographic Information System

We offer Technologies and Solutions to work with Land and Geographic Information Systems in the most diverse sectors, from general technologies to corporate solutions.