ConteúdoA escola do Ensino Básico de Cancelo, no município de Santa Cruz, interior de Santiago, passou a ter uma sala de informática equipada com 20 computadores, oferecida pela IZERTIS, e...
Quality, agility, and reliability for your business.

ICT Consulting services offer you access to highly specialized human resources for strategic project development for the implementation of technological solutions according to your business objectives and taking into account the ICT assumptions of your enterprise .


Mobile Services develops mobile applications that provide

  • The most efficient approach to Mobile application development, which can be native, web, or hybrid;
  • Delivering eGov mobile applications to provide better user experiences, both on mobile and desktop;
  • That native or progressive Web App (PWA) functionalities must be drawn and implemented according to the needs of the business.

The following projects stand out within the mobile services:

  • Websig Update (INSP); 
  • E-Participa Update (Casa Do Cidadão); 
  • SAC Updadte (Casa Do Cidadão & Caixa Económica); 
  • Diaspora Digital.


We supply the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) service to help solve localization problems, considering its capacity and ability to integrate massive amounts of spatial information of different natures, making it an extremely important tool to help decision makers..

In terms of technologies and management solutions, we have:

  • NOSiGIS application, which allows:
    • Map and metadata management;
    • Create and publish interactive maps that are easy to integrate with other businesses. 
  • Geolocator which possibilitates:
    • Converting geographic coordinates on the Cabo Verde administrative boundary.
  • Land management/registration at the level of:
    • Territorial Information System;
    • Land Transaction Management.

Business Intelligence

Our services currently include the development of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, which produce accurate and clear statistical information to support decision making and align with the strategic and operational objectives of the organization.

BI also allows customers to host the solution online, being able to share dashboards and statistical reports with employees and other partners.


We provide an innovative and free platform in an Open Source model for creating e-governance applications, based on business steps and processes, automatic code generation and incorporating Once-Only-Principle (OOP), it provides companies a unique opportunity to be able to quickly, quality, and securely develop unlimited numbers of applications.

Moreover, it is considered a single portal for public service in any governance domain, in line with the principle of One-Stop-Shop (OSS).

Security and Compliance

The DSC team provides the following services:

  • Mobile app security testing (Android, IOS);
  • Web App Security Testing;
  • Mobile App Security & Compliance Audit;
  • Web App Security Audit and Compliance;
  • Network Security and Compliance Auditing;
  • Wireless Network Security and Compliance Auditing;
  • Information Security Management - ISO 27001;
  • Business Continuity - ISO 22301;
  • Incident Management - ISO 27305;
  • Forensic Analysis;
  • Vulnerability Management;
  • Update/Patch Management;
  • Identity Management;
  • System/services/device security hardening;
  • Application of security controls in the scope of Personal Data Protection - DL 133/V/2001, DL 41/VIII/2013, DL 121/IX/2021
  • Implementation of SIEM/SOC;
  • Management of security devices (Firewall, AntiVirus, IDS, IPS, ..);
  • Trainings (User Awareness, Ethical Hacking, ...).

Networks and Communications

  • Shared and/or dedicated secure Internet access;
  • Efficient Bandwidth Management for Internal Communication inside an Institution
  • Bandwidth management to/from the Internet;
  • A protection mechanism against DDoS attacks, using the Anti-DDoS platform;
  • Dedicated Public IP for Internet Access or Service Publishing;
  • Application of security measures based on Firewalls;
  • Firewalls Management (Palo Alto, Fortigate, Huawei USG, Cisco ASA) and L3 Switches; 
  • VPN Remote Access for RTPE customers and external customers to securely connect to unpublished services and/or infrastructure management; 
  • VPN Site2Site for clients to connect via the Internet accessing resources hosted in the State's Data Center infrastructure;
  • Network Services Management in the Data Center for Cloud, VPS, VDC, Hosting and Housing customers;
  • MPLS circuits from both carriers in the market, to interconnect customers to the State Data Center;  
  • Microwave and WIMAX technologies and fiber optics to interconnect customers to the State Data Center; 
  • Management of Backup Platforms for network equipment configuration, rConfig and NCM
  • Platform management supporting RTPE's VoIP technology, Cisco Unified Communications Manager;
  • SMS sending and receiving server management, Kannel Gateway;
  • SIP Trunk Services; 
  • IP, Subnet and Vlan Control and Management on the IPAM Platform;
  • Centralized Management and Control of access through RADIUS;
  • Centralized Videoconferencing System;
  • Centralized Wi-Fi System (Corporate and Konekta);
  • Access to e-Gov services through Mkonekta;
  • Monitoring customer sites via Solarwinds NPM Platforms and Observium;
  • Installation, Configuration and Management of network equipment: Routers, Switches (Huawei and Cisco) and Access Points.

Kubernetes Services

  • Creating clusters for container orchestration in Cloud, Multi-Cloud and On Premises environments;
  • Cluster security and maintenance;
  • Creating highly available and performant environments;
  • Tunning/Hardening, ensuring that the platform is compliant with security and performance best practices.

Solution Architecture

  • Ensures all customers' mission-critical and continuously changing application and service requirements are being met;
  • Jointly decides with the customer which application or service to change, why and the impact of the change. Provides the conditions for disruptive or incremental innovation in business processes;
  • Evaluates, along with the client, the impact of changes or new features, costs, and revenues.