São Miguel City Hall launches its online services portal

"This is a dream we are fulfilling (...) a new stage in the relationship with the citizens is beginning" - Herménio Fernandes, president of CMSM

With the launch of the "São Miguel On" portal - https://cmsm.cv/ - this Wednesday, December 28, digital will be more present and impactful towards the improvement of the lives of the citizens of São Miguel. Developed and implemented within the Simple project, a result of a partnership between NOSi, the Municipality of São Miguel, and private entities, this is a modern, robust, reliable and service-oriented portal.

At this point, it provides varied information about the municipality and a range of services that can be requested and carried out entirely online. Moreover this portal, within the scope of Simple, interventions were made at the infrastructure and digitalization levels, allowing to substantially improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided by the Municipality. It was also possible to bring connectivity to the various locations.

The launching ceremony of the Portal São Miguel was presided by the Mayor of São Miguel, Herménio Fernandes, and the Executive Director of NOSi, Lumumba Barbosa, counting with the presence of citizens and teams from both entities.

12/29/22 11:23 AM
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