NOSi and the Municipality of Mosteiros strengthen partnership dynamics

Strengthening trust and institutional partnership as well as creating the necessary conditions to promptly and effectively overcome the challenges of providing municipal services more efficiently, transparently, quickly and especially online, are behind the working visit to NOSi, this Friday morning, January 14th, by the Mayor of Mosteiros, Fábio Vieira, and his local e-Gov Advisor, Casimiro Rodrigues.

Welcomed by the CEO of NOSi-EPE, Carlos Tavares Pina and Executive Director, Lumumba Barbosa and Directors Ana Marta and Edemilson Alves, they discussed the challenges and the role of digital in Mosteiros' development process, as well as, possible solutions to immediately overcome the constraints and accelerate the modernization of Municipality of Mosteiros.

The occasion served as an opportunity for the NOSi team, under the guidance of the CEO, Carlos Tavares Pina, to introduce SIMple, the new version of the Municipal Information System (SIM), that shall provide full dematerialisation of processes and prompt responses regarding the needs of the citizens and companies, and shall contribute to the harmonious and balanced digital transformation of Mosteiros. To materialize the SIMple, NOSi will be counting on the engagement and participation of national technology-based companies and startups.

The meeting was followed by a courtesy visit to the Data Center facilities - Achada Grande Frente.

1/14/22 5:50 PM
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