05 EngThe scope of this program focuses on the educational system, the economic model of the country and social balance. The various sectors of the education system, as well as other stakeholders such as associations or diaspora, will play a key role in its implementation.

SIGE - Integrated School Management System - is a system that provides secondary schools and integrated elementary schools with a unique model so they can be networked to a common system maximizing communication, management and minimizing costs. This system allows the secondary schools and primary schools to improve their management, allowing for integration between them, the students as well as the parents / guardians.

The SIGAE - Integrated Management and Supervision System for Higher Education Students - is a management tool that aims to improve control in the allocation of vacancies, scholarships, financial management, registration of grants in Cabo Verde and the diaspora, thus creating a common system, maximizing communication, manageability and minimizing costs.

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