With 7 levels of security, the Data Center houses processing and data storage equipment, and already provides services to companies, banks, national and foreign entities. It was also designed to offer cloud computing services (Cloud services).

The infrastructure is of high physical and logical security, guaranteed by the most modern technologies in the market and is designed to meet the most demanding international requirements and standards.


Web Hosting

Your website and the security of your information are essential for your business. The Web Hosting service is entirely based on advanced technologies, tools and features that make website management much easier and intuitive.

Virtual Private Server - VPS

The Virtual Private Server service provided by the Data Center of Cape Verde serves SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and NGOs. It brings direct benefits to both the business operations and to the IT component of the organization.

Server Housing

The Housing service offers space, physical security, power, cooling, Internet connections and other private networks, and monitoring. Technical assistance during the initial installation and basic technical support (remote hands) to facilitate specific tasks by the client without having to be physically present at the Data Center.


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