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If you want to develop e-goverment applications and automate your business processes, we present you with IGRP, a robust development framework that allows you to create applications that add value to any institution.

IGRP incorporates a number of modules and features that greatly reduce application development time, with emphasis on access management, from profile management, users and transactions, to workflow and audit management.

Public administrations function in processes. IGRP presents modules that allow the configuration of workflows, the management and execution of processes and tasks, the measurement and monitoring of the performance of institutions and their employees, and the implementation of cross processes that can be executed by different institutions and in different applications, thus enabling better delivery of services to citizens.

Controlling all actions performed on an application is crucial. Logs and audit features are made available and can easily be implemented in IGRP.

The IGRP platform is based on Oracle technology that improves data access and integration. In addition, IGRP version 1.0 is certified and optimized to work on Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 11g R1, Oracle Linux 6.5, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

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 I-Gov. The integrated governance model

One of the biggest constraints of Public Administrations is the traditional silo organization, centered on the Institutions and not on the real needs of their citizens. Changing this paradigm is practically impossible in more advanced countries where sectoral powers are more solidified. For developing countries this could be an opportunity to grow at a more rapid pace.

In response to the needs of citizens and businesses, NOSi has developed IGRP - Integrated Government Resources Planning - an innovative model, based on a unique, client-oriented technology platform, providing an Integrated Governance solution package with efficiency gains in the public sector.

The IGRP model avoids duplication of resources and maximizes investments through integration, improving transparency and accountability in government functions, which in turn should contribute to cost reduction in public administration.

Advantages of IGRP

  1. Model adaptable to other realities;
  2. Aligned by internationally recognized quality standards;
  3. It establishes all its logic in the principle of "Write Once, Read Many";
  4. Supported over a single state communications network;
  5. It is based on the basic principles of dematerialization and deterritorialization;
  6. Massification of access to information by citizens;
  7. Promotes inter-sector collaboration;
  8. Availability and access to services through mobile devices

IGRP enables the development of integrated solutions for the most diverse areas:

  • Financial Management 
  • Health and Social Security
  • Business Environment
  • Identification
  • Education
  • Local Government
  • Mobile
  • Municipalities
  • Registries and Notaries
  • Elections 

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