Smart City Foundation Interns Get Training on iGRP at NOSi

Starting on Monday, September 11th, and running through September 15th, NOSi is currently hosting a training program for six interns from the Smart City Foundation. This program is designed to provide them with in-depth knowledge about the iGRP framework and is being led by Engineer Francisco Horta, an expert from the Directorate of Innovation and Development (DID).

iGRP is an open-source framework known for its agility, robustness, flexibility, and its ability to cater to the evolving and demanding needs of digital solution development.

The primary objective of this training initiative, similar to others conducted in the past for both public and private entities, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations, is to facilitate knowledge sharing and foster collaborative synergies. The aim is to build a broad community and cultivate critical expertise around the iGRP framework.

9/13/23 5:10 PM
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