The City Councils were the first institutions to be computerized, becoming pivotal in Electronic Governance.

Despite the improvements made over the years, it still does not cover all the needs of the Municipalities, and needs to be adjusted to fit the current and future context.

With SIMple, we intend to:

  • Provide municipalities with a digital platform to respond quickly and to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of citizens and businesses;
  • Integrate the Chamber's services and enable the realization of the One-Stop-Shop principle and above all, No-Stop-Shop;
  • Ensure effective management of the entire chamber, in the relationship with citizens and in administrative and financial management;
  • Adopt the principle of paperless for the councils;
  • Ensure solution that respects the autonomy of each chamber in parallel with the implementation of rules and standard procedures;
  • Improve the inter-municipal communication system, with future regional structures, with centralized Government structures and with the private sector, promoting the creation of synergies between them;
  • Leverage objective-oriented planning and management by providing tools to assist in the decision-making process.