NOSiAkademia: Visionware, the newest program partner

For the 13th edition of the program, NOSiAkademia has strategic international partners, and Visionware is one of the partners, whose representatives were present at the reception event of 56 interns that took place on Wednesday, May 18, in Praia. The occasion was opportune for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NOSi-EPE and Visionware, having as signatories the CEO of NOSi-EPE, Carlos Tavares Pina, and Visionware's CEO and founder, Bruno Castro.

It is recalled that the MoU signed herein provides among other objectives, to develop cooperation and synergies between the two institutions that will provide favorable conditions for the establishment of a Visionware competence center in Cabo Verde, so that it can provide Cybersecurity services in the global market.


5/20/22 4:54 PM
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