Maio Island hosts annual NOSi Collaborators' Work Retreat

Operationalizing the strategy "Cabo Verde technological and innovation platform" require, not only investment in technologies, but also a solid investment in human capital and moments of immersion, dialogues and strategic alignments. NOSi, as a player who is increasingly responsible in this process, organized last Saturday, November 26, in the Noble Hall of the Municipal Assembly of Maio, the 3rd edition of its annual Work Retreat, under the motto: NOSi from "Djarmai", to evaluate the three-year period 2019-2022 & Perspectives 2023-2026. 

Promoted by the Board of Directors of NOSi-EPE, led by its CEO Carlos Tavares Pina, it was strongly attended by employees, and in the opening session, by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Business Development and Minister of Digital Economy, Olavo Correia, and the Mayor of Maio, Miguel Rosa. 

Moment also served to know Maio, an island with high tourism potential, and perform some interaction and exchange actions with institutions and the local community.

11/29/22 12:49 PM
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