Currently, the challenges the State Administration of Cabo Verde faces are not incremental improvements, but reengineering, sometimes almost completely, the processes based on the intensive and intelligent use of technology.

Is being executed a set of actions that aim at:

  • Redesign the most impactful e-Gov solutions, using the igrpweb framework;
  • PDEX, modern, secure and robust opensource technologies;
  • Promote the ICT market by providing the igrpweb open source and free framework;
  • Develop Mobile applications;
  • Building an API store (PDEX) to access e-GOV data securely;
  • Streamline and modernize the PA, relying on innovative, emerging and disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Intelligence;
  • Help revise the legal framework that guides critical businesses, accelerating the reengineering of processes with a view to optimizing and simplifying procedures and facilitating the citizen's interaction with the pubic machine;
  • Improve the quality of services provided to citizens and taxpayer